Sliding glass doors are increasingly popular for interior design. There are several trends that greatly influence the popularity of sliding glass doors. For example, sleek modern interiors and 'small living' are trends in which a glass sliding door should not be missing.

On this picture you see our sliding door system the Evo Kit Doppio. In this sliding door system they used glass door panels.On this picture you see our sliding door system the Absolute Kit Singolo. This system is made to be flush with the wall, so no door jambs or architraves needed. On the picture they used a glass door panel.








Sliding glass doors for a modern interior

A glass sliding door in an interior gives a chic look. A sliding glass door creates a beautiful atmosphere and the enlarged view makes the room look bigger.

The beauty of a modern interior comes from the calm and light that often accompany the interiors of this style. There is nothing more beautiful than natural light. A living room, bathroom, hallway or study gets more light by placing glass sliding doors. This gives a luxurious look. Apartments, penthouses and bungalows are increasingly being fitted with sliding glass doors or sliding glass walls to make the most of the spaces and take advantage of all the light.

Do you prefer a little more privacy, but does the space need extra light? A sliding glass door made of semi-transparent glass (frosted glass or patterned glass) ensures that the view is limited, but does allow light to pass through.

On this picture you see our sliding door system Rollglass, with a top finish. In this system they used frosted glass door panel.. On this picture you see our sliding door system RollGlass. In this sliding door system they used textured glass.









You can also entirely change the atmosphere in a room by choosing colored glass or opting for printed glass. The options with sliding glass doors are endless.

On this picture you see a mood picture of our sliding door system the PocketGlass. In this sliding door system they used coloured glass door panels. On this picture you see our sliding door system the Rollglass. In this sliding door systems they used printed glass door panels. Which makes the glass look like a forest scenery.









Sliding glass doors for small living spaces

More and more you see that people consciously choose to live smaller. Not only because of the shortage on the housing market and additional price increases, but also because of (sustainable) lifestyle choices. More people prefer to make concessions on living space than on residential identity. Glass sliding doors are the pinnacle of living pleasure when it comes to small or tiny homes. It gives you the freedom create spaces as you wish. You can optically create more space by separating a room into two rooms, or by connecting two separate rooms with each other through a sliding glass door. When the floor of, for example, the hall continues to the kitchen and these spaces are closed with a glass sliding door, then the space appears much larger. It also saves space because the turning circle of a normal door is no longer necessary.

In addition, a glass sliding door can contribute to making a living space more sustainable. A sliding glass door is a good solution to prevent drafts and high heating costs, while you continue to benefit from the light and an open appearance.

A sliding glass door is always possible!

Whether you live small or large, have a modern or classic interior; a sliding glass door is always possible. Not only is it an eye-catcher in your home, it brings many advantages! Curious how a glass sliding door fits in your interior? We are happy to advise you.