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Sound insulation is important to more and more people. For one it is important because of privacy, the other wants as much silence as possible. We are..
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In the past, the attic was mainly used for the central heating and storage space, but nowadays it is used as extra living space. Logical, because you ..
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The costs of a sliding door system, everything at a glance What does a sliding door system cost? More and more people realize what space you can save..
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Have you purchased a sliding door system, but you don't know how to attach rails for a sliding door? You've come to the right place at BestFix. First ..
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Are you looking for a rail system to hang a wooden sliding door? Then there are various options available at BestFix Sliding Door Systems. What should..
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You have decided: you don't want a space-consuming hinged door, it becomes a sliding door that disappears into the wall. Optimal space saving. But wha..
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Will you replace a revolving interior door with a sliding door? If you want to replace an existing revolving interior door with a sliding door, there ..
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BestFix Sliding door systems gets a new website! The current site is already several years old, so it was high time to improve/update the site. Due to..
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Do-it-yourself sliding door system step-by-step plan With this step-by-step plan you can get started installing a sliding door system yourself. We sh..
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New products – Sliding door handles in black We were asked by many of our customers whether we also sold black sliding door handles. Finally we can n..
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4 reasons why sliding doors are more practical and beautiful than traditional swing doors Choosing a door is often not a top priority when composing ..
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Sliding glass doors are increasingly popular for interior design. There are several trends that greatly influence the popularity of sliding glass door..
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