4 reasons why sliding doors are more practical and beautiful than traditional swing doors

Choosing a door is often not a top priority when composing and styling an interior, even though the right door can be a valuable addition to a room.
Is a traditional revolving door too boring or impractical in your space? Then consider a sliding door! A sliding door is an ideal solution for large and small spaces. Read here why!

Sliding doors saves space

A sliding door does not have a turning circle like a normal door. This saves a lot of space.
A standard swing door takes up about 0.65 M² of your living space. Space that is available with a sliding door!









The sliding walls slide smoothly on the floor without rails, and you don't have to worry about a door that opens. This creates many more options when furnishing a room. In addition, a sliding door can serve to keep things out of sight, for example as a cupboard door for a built-in cupboard or to close off the corner of the washing machine. Here too you do not have to take the swing out of a door into account.

In addition, a major advantage of a built-in sliding door is that the walls next to the door also remain usable. For example, you can hang picture frames there or even mount switches and lighting there.









Use sliding doors to create more spaces

A sliding door is not only very useful in small spaces: a sliding door system is also the solution for large, open spaces. Indoors, wooden or glass sliding doors can also be used to divide spaces and make one, two spaces. In addition, a sliding door is not only a functional and practical way to separate rooms, but you also create a beautiful atmosphere in your home.

Sliding doors come in various styles: you can choose a door made of solid material, such as a built-in wooden door, or opt for a glass wall. A sliding glass door lets light through and gives a view into the other room. This allows you to brighten a dark room and create an illusion of space and keep the openness intact, despite dividing the space up.

LiteGlass+Extendo Corner








Sliding doors can provide insulation

Sliding doors can also provide the necessary insulation. By dividing your living room into two, you reduce the spaces that need to be heated. In addition, they can also serve as a sound barrier, for example in large office spaces.


Sliding doors are a good choice for any type of home or commercial property. If you have decided to style your interior with a sliding door, you can choose from a wide range of systems. Do you want to mount your sliding door system in the wall or on the wall? Do you choose wood or glass? Can your sliding door system be an eye-catcher, or would you prefer something less striking? We are happy to advise which sliding door system best suits your space!

Sliding doors are for all phases of life

If you are disabled and you are in a wheelchair, for example, then you know how difficult it is to drive forwards and backwards with a normal swing door… This is no longer necessary with a sliding door! Also, elderly people or people who are blind or partially sighted experience a sliding door more pleasant and safer. The use of sliding doors therefore fits in all phases of life.

Check out our animation about the practical use of sliding doors for wheelchair users.