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The sliding door is the door of the future

Because a sliding door moves sideways, you don't suffer from the loss of space you have with a swinging door. It will quickly save you 1 square meter! When you realize that the square-meter price in larger cities quickly exceeds €4,000,-- the space savings with a sliding door instead of a "regular" interior door is a nice bonus.

But that's not the only reason the sliding door is the door of the future; the operation of a sliding door is also easier than a hinged door. Something especially noticed by disabled people who move around with a mobility scooter, wheelchair or walker. So the sliding door is also future-proof. That's convenient, especially since we (have to) live on our own for longer than we used to.

A sliding door fits into any interior

A single sliding door, double sliding doors for example for a room-and-suite, 2 sliding doors which you pull out of one wall behind the other, combinations with a glass wall.... are just some of the possibilities. And we are not even talking about the looks of the sliding door itself, because you can go either way with that.


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 Reddot design award 2021

Durable and beautiful

Looking for something completely innovative in the sliding door systems market? With the Nature system from KLEIN® Europe, warm and light spaces are created that are ready for the future.