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The do-it-yourself sliding door system is only suitable for installation in a metal stud wall or a batten wall that is finished with plasterboard. The recommended thickness of the plasterboard is 12.5 mm.

Absolute Kit Singolo Absolute Kit Singolo
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Manufacturer: Ermetika Model: AKS
Stylish minimalism with the convenient "do-it-yourself" system Absolute Kit Singolo With Absolute Kit, you don't have to bother with architraves that interrupt the wall surface. The system has an integrated door post, allowing it to be finished completely flush with the wall. For a modern interio..
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EvoKit Singolo EvoKit Singolo
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Manufacturer: Ermetika Model: EKS
The convenient 'do-it-yourself' pocket system Sliding door system EvoKit is a pocket frame where the cassette is delivered in separate parts, this makes transport and storage is very easy. The EvoKit is the unassembled version of Ermetika's classic pocket frame Evolution. It is ready for installa..
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Manufacturer: Ermetika Model: AKD
Sliding door system Absolute Kit Doppio by Ermetika is a Do-It-Yourself Kit for double sliding doors, that is easy to assemble. With this innovative pocket frame, plaster board walls will have a smooth modern finish. The frame eliminates completely any use of extra doorpost and covering profile. ..
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EvoKit Doppio EvoKit Doppio
Manufacturer: Ermetika Model: EKD-
The sliding door system EvoKit Doppio is a Do-It-Yourself system that must be assembled before placing it in the wall construction. The pocket frame is suitable for double door panels, ideal for creating a room en suite by example. The system is easy to be build in walls made with a metal stud or wo..
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Manufacturer: Ermetika Model: STAFSIN-GIPS
Sliding door system Staffetta Single Driving by Ermetika is a pocket frame in which 2 door panels slide over each other while closing or opening and both disappear in the same pocket frame. In this way it is possible to create a wider doorway with a with a relatively small pocket frame. The pocket f..
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Do-it-yourself sliding door systems

With these built-in sliding door systems, the cassette must first be assembled yourself before the system can be built-in. Hence the name do-it-yourself sliding door system (DHZ system for short).

It is wrongly thought that these kits are less robust than the systems with a ready-made cassette. Perhaps that is because a DIY indoor sliding door system comes with a suspension set that is suitable for sliding doors up to 100 kg. Most sliding doors don't even reach that weight. But if a door panel does exceed 100 kg, you can order a suspension set for DIY systems that can hold up to 120 kg!

Assembly of a do-it-yourself sliding door system

For people who dread assembling the built-in cassette yourself, we can report that it is almost easier than assembling a product from a well-known Swedish store. A handy person doing this for the first time is generally done within half an hour. Of course we have handy videos that show step by step how to install a do-it-yourself sliding door system. You will also find a online step-by-step plan on the site.

The do-it-yourself sliding door systems are cheaper than built-in systems with a ready- ready-made cassette. In addition, they are also much easier to transport because of the compact packaging. As a result, a do-it-yourself sliding door system for indoors is also easier to handle if, for example, it has to be lifted up a flight of stairs or brought up with an elevator.

What is the difference between one DIY sliding door system and another?

With the kits for a a single sliding door you can opt for a kit that, after installation, is finished with a separate door frame set and a door frame around the door opening. This type is called EvoKit.


There is also a kit with an integrated door frame. There is no frame around the doorway. The whole is finished flush with the rest of the wall. This is the Absolute Kit type. Do-it-yourself Absolute Kit sliding door system has the advantage that the sliding door can always be removed at a later date, without having to break away any of the finish. Handy if the door needs to be painted or replaced, for example.

Both types are also available for double sliding doors that move towards each other, such as sliding doors in a room-en-suite.

Staffetta Kit is a special do-it-yourself sliding door system. With this built-in system it is possible to have two doors slide telescopically in and out of the wall. This system is also finished afterwards with a separate door frame and head slats around the door opening, just like the do-it-yourself EvoKit sliding door system. Staffetta Kit is also available in a so-called double driving system. Then two panels from one side and two panels from the other side slide towards each other.

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