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Absolute Kit Singolo Absolute Kit Singolo
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Manufacturer: Ermetika Model: AKS
Stylish minimalism with the convenient "do-it-yourself" system Absolute Kit Singolo With Absolute Kit, you don't have to bother with architraves that interrupt the wall surface. The system has an integrated door post, allowing it to be finished completely flush with the wall. For a modern interio..
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EvoKit Singolo EvoKit Singolo
Recommended Bestseller
Manufacturer: Ermetika Model: EKS
The convenient 'do-it-yourself' pocket system Sliding door system EvoKit is a pocket frame where the cassette is delivered in separate parts, this makes transport and storage is very easy. The EvoKit is the unassembled version of Ermetika's classic pocket frame Evolution. It is ready for installa..
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Evolution Singolo Evolution Singolo
Manufacturer: Ermetika Model: EVS
The sliding door system Evolution Singolo is a ready to use pocket frame for one sliding door. The pocket frame is easy to build in a metal stud frame or a wooden frame construction. To be finished with plasterboard. The firmness of  the pocket frame is thanks to the high quality metal frame with..
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Absolute Evo Singolo Absolute Evo Singolo
Manufacturer: Ermetika Model: AES
Sliding door system Absolute Evo Singolo by Ermetika is the dream of any interior architect or designer, because of the clean, modern finishing. With this innovative pocket frame, plasterboard walls will have a smooth modern finish. The frame eliminates completely any use of extra doorpost and co..
Excluding VAT
Manufacturer: Ermetika Model: AEF
Sliding door system Absolute Evo FH (Full Height) by Ermetika® is a special version of the Absolute Evo system and there for suitable for a dropped ceiling, allowing the door to extend to the ceiling without a visible crossbar. With this innovative pocket frame, plasterboard walls will have a smo..
Excluding VAT
Manufacturer: Ermetika Model: LUS
Sliding door system Luminox by Ermetika has the looks of the Singolo Evolution, but it can also host switches, sockets, entry phone, thermostat and other electrical devices on the whole height of the frame (on both sides). The pocket frame is supplied with 2 sockets provided with 3 units each and..
Excluding VAT
Manufacturer: Ermetika Model: ASE
Sliding door system Absolute Energy Singolo by Ermetika has the looks of the Absolute Evo Singolo, so with a modern, smooth finishing without any use of an extra jamb and architrave (covering profile). Beside the looks, this system has another big advantage; it can host switches, sockets, entry p..
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Arkimede Arkimede
Manufacturer: Ermetika Model: ARK-GIPS
** Prices on request ** Sliding door system Arkimede by Ermetika offers the possibility to build in a sliding door in a curved plasterboard wall, creating an exclusive and elegant look to the passage between two rooms. The pocket frame for 1 sliding door, is very solid thanks to the special me..
On request
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Indoor single sliding door

You are looking for a single sliding door for indoors, because you want to renovate or build. If you want to make optimal use of the spaces, this is also a wise choice. With a sliding door you will not be bothered by the space that a patio door takes up. Just look at a blueprint. Hinged doors are (too) often drawn in, which block the pedestrian route due to their swing or even almost collide with another revolving door. Replacing such a door for a single sliding door will make the layout more logical.


A single built-in sliding door

You can achieve optimal savings by having a single sliding door disappear into the wall. Such a sliding door is realized with a built-in sliding door system. With such a built-in system you can make optimal use of the wall on both sides. In addition, you keep the same values in terms of draft and noise as with a 'regular' door. Your sliding door closes against a door frame that is U-shaped. Brush strips also protect against draughts. These are on the top and the side where the sliding door enters the wall. The sliding door never fully extends from the wall, which also forms a barrier to drafts and noise. As far as sound is concerned, the choice of your door panel is especially important.


Single or double sliding door?

A single sliding door is one sliding door that slides open and connects two spaces. In addition, there is also a double sliding door : two sliding doors that slide open from each other and provide a double passage. With a double sliding door you create a spacious passage between two rooms. When both sliding doors are open you experience a spacious feeling, and when the doors are closed you have privacy and tranquility. You need more space in the wall for a double sliding door than if you opt for a single sliding door. Which sliding door do you prefer?

Types of built-in systems for single doors

In built-in systems for a single sliding door for indoors, there are two types that differ in appearance. You have sliding door systems that are classically finished with a separate door frame and then a frame around the door opening. There are also built-in systems with an integrated door frame, which are finished completely flush with the wall. The latter type of sliding door system looks more modern, but also has the advantage that the sliding door can be easily removed at a later time.

Do-it-yourself and ready-made sliding door systems

In addition to the external difference, there are also differences in terms of installation. There are sliding door systems where the cassette, which comes into the wall, must first be assembled. For the sake of convenience, we call these systems the do-it-yourself sliding door systems. The DIY systems are only suitable for installation in a wall that is finished with plasterboard.

There are also built-in systems with a ready-to-use cassette. Simply put, this is a matter of sliding the rail in and putting down the door jamb and then the whole thing is ready for installation. The ready-to-use sliding door systems are ideal for application in projects where several sliding doors are used. In addition to finishing with plasterboard, there are also built-in systems with a mesh net over the cassette, so that the system can be plastered at the same time as a stone wall.

Finished wall thickness for built-in systems for single sliding door

All sliding door systems are available in several wall thicknesses. The thinnest size – also the most commonly used size – is for a finished wall of 10 cm. This is followed by 12.5 cm and 15 cm. Special built-in systems are even available for 18 cm. That is because electricity must be installed where the sliding door slides into the wall. Or if two sliding door panels need to be placed one behind the other in the same cassette (Unico Evo and Staffetta).

Need advice for your single sliding door system?

Of course you want years of living pleasure from your single sliding door. That is why it is important to choose good quality products. Then you are in the right place with BestFix Built-in systems. Our built-in systems come with a 15-year manufacturer's warranty.

Would you like advice on a suitable built-in system? We are ready for you! Our skilled specialists are happy to advise you about the available options. Together we will find the right solution for your situation.

Considering a single sliding door in your home? You can order this directly via the webshop or call +31 (0)570 768 737 for professional advice. Knowing more? Feel free to contact us.