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Soft close

Besides soft closers, in which, when closing the sliding door, the last few centimeters are inhibited, there are also door control systems for opening two doors open simultaneously.

For, by example, offices and rest rooms, there is also a self closing system available, in which the sliding door automatically closes behind you.

Soft Closer - max 40 Kg
Manufacturer: Ermetika Model: ACC.305
Soft close system Easystop 40 Kg can 'soft close' a sliding door panel with a maximum weight of 40 Kg. The sliding door is pulled shut neatly and cushioned. The door brake is also child-friendly because the slow closing of the sliding door also protects against fingers getting between the door. ..
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Manufacturer: Ermetika Model: ACC.306
Soft close system Easystop 80 Kg makes a sliding door panel upto 80 Kg 'soft closing'. The centimeters of the sliding door will be closed nice and softly. The Soft close system is also child friendly. The controlled, inhibiting way in which the sliding door is closed, is also a protection against..
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