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Sliding wall systems

Manufacturer: Ermetika Model: STAFDOP-GIPS
Sliding door system Staffetta Double Driving by Ermetika is a pocket frame in which 2x 2 door panels slide over each other while closing or opening and both disappear in the same pocket frame. In this way it is possible to create a wider doorway with a with a relatively small pocket frame. The pocke..
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Manufacturer: Ermetika Model: STAFSIN-GIPS
Sliding door system Staffetta Single Driving by Ermetika is a pocket frame in which 2 door panels slide over each other while closing or opening and both disappear in the same pocket frame. In this way it is possible to create a wider doorway with a with a relatively small pocket frame. The pocket f..
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Manufacturer: KLEIN-Europe Model: Extendo
Extendo by KLEIN® Europe is an elegant and frameless system for telescopic and synchronized sliding glass doors. By moving only one glass panel, the others move simultaneously . Thanks to this system, a passageway of up to 5.10 meters can be created without a rail on the floor. When the glass pan..
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Stockpanel Stockpanel
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Manufacturer: KLEIN-Europe Model: Stockpanel
Stockpanel is designed to divide spaces through sliding wooden panels that can be parked in a vertical or parallel configuration. Ideal for partitioning restaurants, meeting rooms, lounges, dining rooms, etc. Optimizes cleared passage. Can be configured with parking spaces for one or t..
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A sliding wall system is the perfect solution to close off a large space. In office buildings it gives a modern look and the sliding wall system is very practical inside. AtBestFix you will find different sliding wall systems and of course also other types of sliding door systems. Which one fits best in your space?

Sliding wall as room divider

With a sliding wall, people usually think of sliding doors that slide past each other for a (clothing) closet, for example. Such cupboard-sliding wall systems usually involve lightweight doors and often require a bottom rail.

The sliding wall systems in our range are intended for closing off large spaces, but can also be used to divide a larger space into two. The sliding wall systems can handle much heavier door panels and generally do not require a bottom rail.

Difference sliding wall and sliding door

A sliding wall and a sliding door can look very similar, but these systems are still different. With a sliding wall you can cover a greater distance than with a sliding door, especially if you don't want a bottom rail that can collect dust and dirt. A sliding door wider than 1.50 meters is usually not recommended without a bottom rail. You only have a relatively small floor guide that should prevent the sliding door from moving back and forth too much sideways. With a sliding wall you can have two or more sliding door panels slide past each other. This gives you more freedom to make optimal use of the space.

Built-in sliding wall system, panels in the wall

With a built-in sliding wall system, the panels slide into the wall. Ermetika has a ready-to-use built-in system in which two sliding panels are connected to each other with a special mechanism. This allows you to slide the panels in and out telescopically, as it were. This interior sliding wall system is called Staffetta and is suitable for an opening of up to 2.4 metres. On the other hand, the wall into which the panels slide in does not have to be wider than a maximum of 1.28 metres. Sliding wall system Staffetta is also available in a double version, so that a passage of 4.80 meters can be realized.

Sliding wall system as separate rail system

Do you want a sliding wall system in your home, but you don't know if this is possible? The simplest way to create a sliding wall system inside the house is to mount several sliding door rails close to each other on or in the ceiling. You can have the sliding wall panels slide behind a wall or fixed panel, but of course you don't have to. A very suitable rail for such a solution is the Lite+ rail or, if your door panels are heavier than 100 kg, the Slid150.

Stockpanel from KLEIN® is a sliding wall system where you can choose how the panels are stored against each other. Not only behind each other, but also, for example, parallel to the perpendicular wall. This system is ideal for dividing conference rooms or areas in restaurants. Due to the many options, this sliding wall system is a custom product. Questions? Feel free to contact with us.

Glass sliding wall system

Sliding glass sliding panel systems are very popular nowadays. They give a luxurious and open look. The Extendo sliding wall system from our range is a showpiece of KLEIN®. 2,3 or even 4 glass panels can be telescopically slid in and out, so that an opening of up to 5.10 meters can be closed!

Buy a sliding wall? View the possibilities at BestFix

Interested in a sliding wall for your home or office building? At BestFix you can find the right choice for your space. Do you choose a built-in sliding system or do you only have  separate sliding door rails needed? View our range and let BestFix help you. Maybe you are looking for a single sliding door or double sliding doors. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about one of our products or about the installation of the rails. Our specialists are ready for you.