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Folding systems

Manufacturer: KLEIN-Europe Model: LITEFOLD100-
Folding door system Lite Fold100 is designed for a switched opening where all door panels are slid to 1 side. The system has a top and bottom rail so that a large opening can be closed without the door panels wobbling. The bottom rail is made as minimal as possible so that it visually disturbs the f..
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Manufacturer: KLEIN-Europe Model: SLID PAR
The Slid Par is an indoor folding door system. The suspension kit on top of the door can rotate, making it easy to open and close the folding wall. This folding wall system is designed to eliminate the need for a floor rail. The rail can support a weight of up to 150 kg. So for two door panels this ..
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Stockpanel Stockpanel
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Manufacturer: KLEIN-Europe Model: Stockpanel
Stockpanel is designed to divide spaces through sliding wooden panels that can be parked in a vertical or parallel configuration. Ideal for partitioning restaurants, meeting rooms, lounges, dining rooms, etc. Optimizes cleared passage. Can be configured with parking spaces for one or t..
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Ea folding wall offers a solution in various situations. Do you want to divide a large space into smaller spaces so that they can be used for separate purposes, but do you also want the option of quickly involving the spaces together again? In that case, a folding wall is more than suitable. A folding wall is also called an accordion wall, but we think the image of an accordion fits better. Folding walls open and close like an accordion, so that they take up little space in the open position and you almost have a completely free passage. View the possibilities of BestFix-Sliding door systems or visit our location.

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Independent panels

Different from the harmonica walls above, the systems are where the panels can be pushed together separately. Such a folding wall or folding wall is ideal for dividing up spaces in restaurants, conference rooms, lounges and so on. The panels can be parked in different ways. Because of the possibilities, these are custom systems.

  • Stockpanel, suitable for wooden panels up to 150 Kg and up to 3 meters high
  • StockGlass is suitable for glass panels up to 150 Kg and a height of 3 meters and has no floor rail

building wall in different variants

We have various rail systems in our range that are suitable for creating a folding wall or an accordion wall. Let's take a look at the different harmonica walls:

  • LITE PAR is a harmonica door suspension set for the Lite+100 rail suitable for 2 door panels up to 50 Kg each
  • LITE FOLD is a concertina wall suspension set for the Lite+100 rail suitable for 2, 3, 4 or 5 folding panels with a total weight of up to 100 Kg
  • SLID PAR is a concertina wall suspension set for the SLID150 rail suitable for two folding panels of max. 75 Kg each
  • SLID FOLD is a folding wall suspension set for the SLID150 rail suitable for 2, 3, 4 or 5 folding panels with a total weight of up to 150 Kg.

Folding wall in different variants

When you purchase a folding wall for, for example, the living room, you can choose from a variety of variants. Just like with sliding doors, you have single folding walls - where the folding door is pushed to one side - or double folding walls, where 2 folding doors are pushed towards or away from each other.

Different ways of folding

In all folding wall rail systems, the suspension is placed in the door panel, so that the panel is as high as possible against the rail. In addition, you can opt for 2 ways of folding: central or on the side. If you opt for a folding wall with the suspension in the middle (central) of the panels, the folding panels will protrude equally on both sides of the rail. With a folding wall with a suspension on the side of the panels (laterally), the folding panels will come on 1 side of the rail.

A folding wall with or without a floor rail

Most folding wall rail systems do require a floor rail. Folding wall systems LITE PAR and SLID PAR are an exception. These rail systems are suitable for 2 folding panels and can also be mounted in such a way that 2 folding wall panels can be pushed to one side and 2 folding wall panels to the other, creating a spacious opening. The custom-made Stockpanel and StockGlass systems also do not have a bottom rail.

A harmonica door system is attached to the ceiling or in a suspended ceiling, which further emphasizes the spatial effect.

Curious about the possibilities of folding walls?

There are so many options for folding walls that we can imagine that it is difficult to find the right set together. In that case, don't hesitate, because we are happy to help. Feel free to send us a drawing of the current situation, then we will look at the possibilities of folding walls together with our experts and get back to you with a tailor-made offer.

We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities of folding walls while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee. Questions? Feel free to leave your question and contact details in the contact form. We will then get back to you with more information as soon as possible.

In addition to a folding wall, you can also contact us for a sliding-door cabinet< /b>, sliding door system in the wall and a soft-close sliding door.