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Absolute Evo 90x240 GP100

Absolute Evo 90x240 GP100
Absolute Evo 90x240 GP100
Absolute Evo 90x240 GP100
Absolute Evo 90x240 GP100
Absolute Evo 90x240 GP100
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  • Manufacturer: Ermetika
  • Model: AES90x240G100-OUT


Door opening 900x2400 mm for wall thickness 100 mm. Suitable for finishing with plasterboard.

Sliding door system Absolute Evo Singolo by Ermetika is the dream of any interior architect or designer, because of the clean, modern finishing.

With this innovative pocket frame, plasterboard walls will have a smooth modern finish. The frame eliminates completely any use of extra doorpost and covering profile.

The pocket frame for 1 sliding door, is very solid thanks to the special metal structure with corrugated profile. This superior engineering together with the hanging kit with self-lubricating bearings, will give you many years of trouble free silent and silky smooth movement of the door panel.


  • The pocket frame comes without sliding door panel

Extra technical information:

  • The hanging kit that is supplied with the pocket frame is suitable for a door panel with a weight up to 120 Kg.
  • With this particular pocket frame, the actual dimension of the doorway will be reduced with approx. 1 cm
  • It is recommended to use plasterboard with a thickness of 12,5 mm
  • Door panel can be up to 4,2 cm thick

Video how to install the pocket frame of the Absolute Evo:

Video how to finish the frame and install the sliding door:

Pocket systems
Maximum weight door

120 kg

Maximum thickness door

42 mm

Door opening width

90 cm

Door opening height

240 cm

Working of sliding door system

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