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2A: Absolute Evo 90x240 GP100

2A: Absolute Evo 90x240 GP100
2A: Absolute Evo 90x240 GP100
2A: Absolute Evo 90x240 GP100
2A: Absolute Evo 90x240 GP100
2A: Absolute Evo 90x240 GP100
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  • Manufacturer: Ermetika
  • Model: AES90x240G100-2A


Door opening 900x2400 mm, finished wall thickness 100 mm. Suitable for plasterboard finish

Built-in system Absolute Evo from Ermetika, due to its clean and modern look, is the desire of every interior designer or architect. The sliding door can be slid completely into the wall, or protrude slightly if desired.

The sliding door system has an integrated post and can be finished smoothly. There is no architrave around the door opening!

The built-in frame owes its sturdiness to the special metal construction with corrugated profile. Thanks to the superior technology of the frame and the suspension system with self-lubricating bearings, the sliding door will open and close smoothly and silently year after year.

NOTE: Built-in frame comes without sliding door

Additional technical data:

  • The supplied suspension set is suitable for a door panel of up to 120 Kg.
  • With this system, the actual width of the door opening is narrowed by approximately 1 cm.
  • When finishing with plasterboard, it is recommended to use whole plasterboard 12.5 mm thick.
  • Thickness of the door panel maximum 42 mm.
  • For finishing the end edges in the doorway, it is recommended to use a fibrous plaster (for example, Uniflott from Knauf), which absorbs more movement. This reduces the risk of cracking and tearing.

Be prepared

Below we show some videos on the installation and finishing of Absolute Evo systems.

Video on installing Absolute Evo sliding door system in a drywall wall:

Video on finishing and hanging a wooden sliding door:

Pocket systems
Maximum weight door

120 kg

Maximum thickness door

42 mm

Door opening width

90 cm

Door opening height

240 cm

Working of sliding door system

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