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Absolute Kit Singolo

Absolute Kit Singolo
Absolute Kit Singolo
Absolute Kit Singolo
Absolute Kit Singolo
Absolute Kit Singolo
Absolute Kit Singolo
Absolute Kit Singolo
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Absolute Kit Singolo
Absolute Kit Singolo
Absolute Kit Singolo
Absolute Kit Singolo
Absolute Kit Singolo
Absolute Kit Singolo
Absolute Kit Singolo
Absolute Kit Singolo
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  • Manufacturer: Ermetika
  • Model: AKS

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Stylish minimalism with the convenient "do-it-yourself" system Absolute Kit Singolo

With Absolute Kit, you don't have to bother with architraves that interrupt the wall surface. The system has an integrated door post, allowing it to be finished completely flush with the wall. For a modern interior, this sliding door system is an absolute must. Simplicity at its best.

Absolute Kit is similar to the EvoKit in terms of assembly. The cassette has to be assembled before it can be installed. Thanks to the simple snap-fit principle, it is ready for installation in about 30 minutes. The frame can then be inserted into a metal stud wall. The system comes with an integrated door post and is suitable for sliding doors up to 100 kg. The Absolute Kit is also suitable for glass door panels. In this case, the system must be equipped with a suspension set with glass clamps.

Sliding door system Absolute Kit is delivered as a kit and as a package is a lot smaller than pre-assembled built-in systems. Especially practical also for transport to hard-to-reach workplaces such as an attic.

An advantage for all sliding door systems in the Absolute product line is that after installation, the sliding door can still be easily removed from the system.

The installation frame is easily installed in combination with a metal stud or wood frame construction finished with 12.5 mm thick drywall. With this innovative sliding door system, where the sliding door disappears almost completely into the wall, the plasterboard walls get a nice smooth finish, i.e. without an additional door post and without architraves.

Thanks to the superior engineering of the frame and suspension system with ball bearings, the sliding door will slide open and close smoothly and silently year after year.

We have this product in standard stock in most common sizes. Stock products we can deliver in 1-2 business days.


The Absolute Kit is available for a single door (Absolute Kit Singolo) and for a double door (Absolute Kit Doppio).

The Absolute Kit recessed system is only suitable for drywall finishing.

Min/max door opening width single door: 600 mm - 1200 mm.
Min/max door opening height: 2000 mm - 2700 mm
Finished wall thickness: 100 mm - 125 (double plasterboard)
Max weight: 100 kg
Max door panel thickness: 42 mm

Additional technical data:

  • With this system, the actual width of the door opening is narrowed about 1 cm.
  • To obtain the desired strength, it is recommended to use whole plasterboard of 12.5 mm thickness.

Finishing the system

In addition to using plasterboard 12.5 mm thick, we recommend finishing at least the end edges with a fibrous plaster (at. Knauf Uniflott). This greatly reduces the risk of cracking and tearing.

Need a special door width?

This system is also optionally available in door opening widths 65 cm, 75 cm, 85 cm and 95 cm. The cassette, into which the sliding door disappears, is then the size of the subsequent width. So with a door opening of 65 cm, the cassette will be the same size as that of a system with a door opening of 70 cm.


  • The system comes without a sliding door. These can be purchased separately or ordered together with the frame. Scroll down to see the matching products. Here you will also find the matching accessories.
Pocket systems
Maximum weight door

100 kg

Maximum thickness door

42 mm

Door opening width

60 cm, 70 cm, 80 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm, 110 cm, 120 cm

Door opening height

200 cm, 210 cm, 220 cm, 230 cm, 240 cm, 250 cm, 260 cm, 270 cm

  • Built-in frame that needs to be assembled before installation
  • Includes integrated door jamb
  • Made for flush to wall finish
Working of sliding door system

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Absolute Kit Singolo - BIM bestanden / BIM files (.zip) 3.96MB Download
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Absolute Kit Singolo - Installatie handleiding / Mounting instructions (.pdf) 983.19KB Download
Absolute Kit Singolo - DWG bestanden / DWG files (.zip) 38.86KB Download
Absolute Kit - Instructies deur plaatsen / Mounting of the door (.pdf) 1.62MB Download