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Arkimede Doppio
Manufacturer: Ermetika Model: ARKDOP-GIPS
** Prices on request ** Sliding door system Arkimede Doppio by Ermetika offers the possibility to build in a double sliding door in a curved plasterboard wall, creating an exclusive and elegant look to the passage between two rooms. The pocket frame for 2 sliding doors, is very solid thanks to..
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Two types of ready-made systems

Just as with the do-it-yourself systems, there are two types of ready-made built-in systems available in terms of appearance:

  • Classic - Built-in systems that are finished with a separate doorpost and a wooden frame (also called an architrave).
  • Minimalist – Built-in systems that have an integrated door frame and are completely be finished smooth with the wall.

Both types are available for a single sliding door or for double sliding doors, great for a room en-suite, for example.

Turnkey systems with a special application

In addition to the various finishing options, there are also ready-to-use built-in systems that offer the option of processing electricity in the frame. This allows you to easily install a light switch and/or a thermostat where the sliding door slides into the wall. Or sliding door systems with automated door operation and there is even a ready-made sliding door system for installation in a round wall!

What are the benefits?

The built-in systems with a ready-to-use cassette are especially suitable for projects where several sliding door systems have to be installed. The cassette is completely closed. In general, it is only a matter of sliding the rail in and attaching the stile and such a sliding door system is ready to install.

With the ready-made systems you will be done much faster. But there is another important advantage. Because the cassette to be built in is already completely assembled, such a ready-made sliding door system also has fewer parts. So less chance of getting lost during the work process on the construction site. This is particularly suitable for larger construction projects (from 5 pieces). This way you can continue working quickly and save time.

Another difference with the do-it-yourself systems is that there are not only built-in systems for finishing with plasterboard (dry construction). In some situations it is desirable to place a sliding door system directly against an existing wall (wet construction). In that case, there are built-in systems that have a mesh net over the built-in cassette, so that the whole can be plastered together with the wall in one go.

Order sliding door system suitable for socket online?

Are you looking for a sliding door system suitable for the socket? Then at BestFix you can choose from the Luminox sliding door system or the Absolute Energy sliding door system. View the built-in sliding door systems on our website and read more about the different systems. Do you have questions about a system or would you like to receive advice? Feel free to contact us on +31 (0)570 768 737. Our specialists are happy to talk to you and advise you about the possibilities.